Guest blog entry for the Data for Children Collaborative

Sohan and Daga wrote a short blog post explaining the concept of Machine Learning

Sohan (S. Seth, Lead Data Scientist) and Daga (D. Panas, Data Scientist) have made a foray into popular science / educational blogging last week, with a web article for the Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF explaining what Machine Learning is and how it can be used.

The Collaborative is a joint partnership between UNICEF, The Scottish Government and The University of Edinburgh's Data Driven Innovation Programme, and its aim is to improve outcomes for children through responsible and innovative data practices. Such collaborative endeavors are naturally very close to our hearts at Data Science Unit (we are, after all, a Data Science Unit for SHaPE, that is for Science, Health, People and Environment!) and in fact a few of our projects this year involve Data for Children Collaborative. So when asked to help in their outreach effort to demystify Machine Learning, we gladly agreed. To be honest, it took a bit of thinking and tinkering, to re-calibrate from the day-to-day jargon and try to view our subject matter afresh, but a useful exercise, particularly as one of our missions is dissemination of knowledge.

Here is the link to the article [External content]

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