13th October 2020 - 10am - Lucia Specia: Seminar

TITLE:    Multimodal simultaneous machine translation



Simultaneous machine translation (SiMT) aims to translate a continuous input text stream into another language with the lowest latency and highest quality possible. The translation thus has to start with an incomplete source text, which is read progressively, creating the need for anticipation. In this talk I will present work where we seek to understand whether the addition of visual information can compensate for the missing source context. We analyse the impact of different multimodal approaches and visual features on state-of-the-art SiMT frameworks, including fixed and dynamic policy approaches using reinforcement learning. Our results show that visual context is helpful and that visually-grounded models based on explicit object region information perform the best. Our qualitative analysis illustrates cases where only the multimodal systems are able to translate correctly from English into gender-marked languages, as well as deal with differences in word order, such as adjective-noun placement between English and French.


Lucia Specia is Professor of Natural Language Processing at Imperial College London, with part-time appointments at the University of Sheffield and Dublin City Univeristy. Her research focuses on various aspects of data-driven approaches to language processing, with a particular interest in multimodal and multilingual context models and work at the intersection of language and vision. Her work can be applied to various tasks such as machine translation, image captioning, quality estimation and text adaptation. She is the recipient of the MultiMT ERC Starting Grant on Multimodal Machine Translation (2016-2021) and is currently involved in other funded research projects on machine translation, multilingual video captioning and text adaptation. In the past she worked as Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton (2010-2011), and research engineer at the Xerox Research Centre, France (2008-2009, now Naver Labs). She received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 2008.



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Oct 13 2020 -

13th October 2020 - 10am - Lucia Specia: Seminar

This event is co-organised by ILCC and by the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Natural Language Processing, https://nlp-cdt.ac.uk

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