6 March 2019 - Miltos Allamanis: Guest speaker


Understanding Source Code using Natural Language and Graph Neural Networks



While computers are becoming an integral part of our lives, programming them still remains a highly specialized skill. The last few years there is an increased research interest in methods that focus on the intersection of programming and natural language processing (NLP), that aim to help create machine learning-based tools that aid software engineers by "understanding" source code's natural language components and allow end-users to employ natural language to interact with computers. Within this research area, Graph Neural Networks (GNN) have shown promising results in exploiting the rich structure and long-range dependencies in source code. In this talk, I will discuss three machine learning architectures that employ GNNs for source code-related tasks including code summarization, code generation and change representation. Then, I will illustrate how these networks can find applications in NLP tasks, such as natural language summarization. Finally, I will conclude with a discussion of some of the open challenges on source code-related tasks and potential connections to NLP.



I am a researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK. My research is at the intersection of machine learning, natural language processing and software engineering. My aim is to combine the rich structural aspects of programming languages with machine learning to create better coding tools for end-users and developers, while using problems in this area to motivate machine learning research. I obtained my PhD from the University of Edinburgh advised by Dr. Charles Sutton.

More information about me and my publications can be found at https://miltos.allamanis.com


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Mar 06 2019 -

6 March 2019 - Miltos Allamanis: Guest speaker

ILCC seminar by guest speaker Miltos Allamanis, in IF 4.31/4.33

Informatics Forum 4.31/4.33