31 January 2020 - Sebastian Padó: Seminar

Title: Entities as a Window into Distributional Semantics



The distinction between categories (“country”) and entities (“Italy”, “UK”) is a fundamental one in formal semantics but has found little attention in distributional semantics. I propose that entities provide interesting insights into the capabilities and limits of distributional semantics.

Concretely, I will speak about a series of studies concerned with (a), predicting entity properties; and (b), modeling categories in terms of their constituent entities.


Sebastian Padó is professor of computational linguistics at Stuttgart University. He studied in Saarbrücken and Edinburgh and was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University. His core research concerns learning, representing, and processing semantic knowledge (broadly construed) from and in text. Examples include modeling linguistic phenomena, discourse structure, inference, semantic processing, and cross-lingual perspectives on semantics.



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Jan 31 2020 -

31 January 2020 - Sebastian Padó: Seminar

ILCC seminar by Sebastian Padó

G.03, Informatics Forum