MSc Programme Director

Information on the MSc Programme Director role.

Responsible for curriculum and programme-level student support for a particular degree programme. This includes:

  1. Support School and College Admissions and Communications teams by responding to queries about or from applicants and offer holders, in collaboration with the MSc Year Organiser.
  2. Organize induction and cohort-building activities for the degree programme.
  3. Review and maintain Degree Programme Tables, Degree Programme Specification documentation, and degree Prospectus information, and support School-level teaching quality assurance activities. 
  4. For courses relevant to the degree, act as a point of contact and provide guidance and feedback for other staff who are preparing relevant course proposals for Board of Studies (BoS).
  5. Regularly attend BoS meetings as a “core” BoS member and maintain oversight of the courses associated with the programme, and where appropriate liaise with other Schools and changes in those Schools back to Informatics.
  6. Maintain School-level documentation about degree programmes and specialist areas, including the degree handbook.
  7. Provide curriculum guidance about the degree to other staff, e.g. Personal Tutors and Year Organisers.