Duties timeline

A summary of the key items that need to be considered and resolved prior to the start of teaching.

  • Application deadline for academic sabbaticals.
  • Request for staff academic duty preferences for following session.
  • Begin work on allocation of academic duties.
  • Decision on portfolio of courses for following session, aim to have a course list by end of calendar year.
  • Teaching staff to finalise any course adjustments or proposals in time for January BoS meeting.
  • Publication of academic sabbaticals for following session.
  • Resolve allocation of teaching and administrative duties.
  • Final BoS meeting; finalising course proposals, approvals and DPT edits
  • Publication of teaching and administrative duties for the following session.
  • Contact staff to check on any lecture timetabling preferences for following session.
  • Contact staff to confirm scheduling of all tutorials and lab sessions for following session.
  • Check timetabling preferences with Year Organisers.
  • Begin work on any DPT revisions required for following session.
  • Begin work on CCAM revisions for following session's DRPS, including assessment information.
  • Confirm individual course instances for following session with Director of Teaching.
  • Publication of final teaching timetable for following session.
  • Confirm completion of EUCLID CCAM and DPT records for following session.
  • Check that correct course instance information has been fed into timetabling software.
  • Begin work on allocation of course room and equipment bookings using activity templates.
  • University publishes DRPS for following session, containing updated EUCLID content approved at BoS.
  • Aim to complete activity templates and event requests prior to start of examination diet.
  • Deadline for provisional publication of course guides to assist with early course registration.
  • Contact staff to request teaching support bids for following session, deadline early June.
  • Contact staff to request tutoring preferences for following session, deadline early June.
  • Begin work on September induction programme.
  • Teaching support resource allocation meeting, negotiations with staff to be complete by end July.
  • Completion of negotiations with staff re teaching support resource bids.
  • schedule following session's BoS, Teaching and Recruitment Committee meeting dates.
  • Advertise teaching support vacancies for following session, working with staff to complete appointments asap.
  • Student induction, including all course induction presentations [week 0].
  • Start of teaching, all taught students register course choices [week 1].
  • Complete allocation of taught students to all teaching events, post registration [week 2].
  • Advertise exam setting schedule for December, April and August diets.
  • Advise staff that curriculum changes for following session require BoS approval before end January.