13 March 2019 Agenda

Agenda for Extraordinary Informatics Board of Studies meeting at 1.00pm Wednesday 13th March 2019, Appleton Tower, Room 7.14.


Extraordinary Informatics Board of Studies meeting is to discuss returning items from the 20th February 2019 Board of Studies, as well as any minor course changes for 2019/20.

Proposals need to be discussed at this Board of Studies before the forthcoming College Curriculum Approval Board meeting on 19th March 2019.

Course Organisers, please remember that the 2019/20 DRPS pages go live on 1st April 2019,  so all changes must be considered and approved for ISS to update on EUCLID well in advance. No course changes will be made to advertised courses beyond 1st April 2019.


Bring your own laptops or tablets

Please remember that we do not provide hard copies of agenda items or their supporting documents at the Board of Studies meetings. Please ensure you bring your laptops or tablets with you in order to view this agenda and it's items during the meeting. You will likely need to sign in to the wi-fi 'eduroam' using your DICE credentials.

 Welcome to all members and introductions


Apologies  - Paul Anderson


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting -  20 February 2019


Matters Arising


13032019_BoS Item 1) New Programme Proposal -  MSc Graduate Apprenticeship in Cyber Security - Tony Venus & Stuart Anderson


13032019_BoS Item 2) New Course Proposal - Work-based Professional Practice in Cyber Security - Tony Venus


13032019_BoS Item 3) New Course Proposal - Work-based Professional Practice in Data Science - Tony Venus

This is a new informatics course only. It is to add to the MSc DataScience Technology and Innovation online MSc that we will deliver as a degree apprenticeship to England. Teresa Ironside is looking after programme level.


13032019_BoS Item 4) (20022019_BoS Item 7) New Course Proposal - The Impact of Informatics - Mike Fourman




Minor Course Changes for consideration & discussion

13032019_BoS Item 5) Course Change Proposal - Advanced Databases (INFR11011) - Milos Nikolic



13032019_BoS Item 6) Course Change Proposal - Reinforcement Learning (INFR11010) - Stefano Albrecht & Pavlos Andreadis

We would like to propose the introduction of biweekly tutorial sessions for the 2019-20 Reinforcement Learning course. Tutorials would be optional and unmarked to conform to the 10pt course specification. We believe that this will be to the benefit of a significant proportion of students, given their diverse background. The tutorials will aim at theory comprehension, and application of that theory in problem solving. In the 2018/19 mid-semester course feedback, many students indicated that they would have liked tutorials.


13032019_BoS Item 7) Course Change Proposal - INF1A  - Sharon Goldwater


13032019_BoS Item 8) Course Change Proposal - ANLP - Sharon Goldwater


13032019_BoS Item 9) Programme Change Proposal - Data Science Graduate Apprenticeship DPT  - Sharon Goldwater


13032019_BoS Item 10) Major Course Change Proposal - Computer Graphics - Kartic Subr


13032019_BoS Item 11) Course Change Proposal - IAML and MLPR - Iain Murray



AOCB (Any Other Current Business)  

The following programmes are derived from programmes previously approved as CDT. These have come back to the Board of Studies to be approved as PhD component, with the MSc component removed.

13032019_AOCB Item 1) PhD in Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust - David Aspinall, Tiejun Ma, Kami Vaniea.


13032019_AOCB Item 2)  PhD in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - Amos Storkey


13032019_AOCB Item 3) EPCC High Performance Computing / High Performance Computing with Data Science - David Henty & Ben Morse.