16 January 2019 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting at 2.00pm Wednesday 16th January 2019 in Informatics Forum, Rooms - 5.42.


 Welcome to all members and introductions


Apologies  - Jane Hillston, Don Sannella, Chris Heunen, Sharon Goldwater , Alex Lascarides, Qais Patankar – UG3, Martin Grigonis – UG4.


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting -  05 December 2018


Matters Arising


1) New Programme Proposal MSc Business Informatics - Tiejun Ma & Stuart Anderson

Waiting on supporting documents (SoA)


2) New Programme Proposal CDT_PhD with Integrated Study in Lightweight Verification _Phil Wadler


3) New Course Proposal  - An introduction to practical programming with objects (IPPO) - Paul Anderson

This course would be a new version of IJP.


4) Course Changes - Differentiating Titles of On-Campus versions of Distance Learning Courses  - Sharon Goldwater (Presented by Paul Anderson)



AOCB (Any Other Current Business)