23 February 2022 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting on 23 February 2022, 14:00hrs-16:00 hrs - ONLINE - Blackboard Collaborate


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Please remember that we do not provide hard copies of agenda items or their supporting documents at the Board of Studies meetings. Please ensure you bring your laptops or tablets with you in order to view this agenda and its items during the meeting. You will likely need to sign in to the wi-fi 'eduroam' using your DICE credentials.

Welcome to all members and introductions

(Please note that it is intended that the session will be held via Blackboard Collaborate)


Apologies received:  Julian Bradfield, Christopher Lucas, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Heather Yorston.


Actions from previous meeting(s):


Items 1-4:   *For Information Only*

Outcome: SG approved. 

Action: ITO to create the new courses. 


01122021_Item 1_Full Course Proposal Form_Standards Compliant Software Development [re-tabled from the last BoS] (Anderson);

Reviewed by: John Longley, Amir Shaikhha 


01122021_Item 2_Full Course Proposal Form_Knowledge Graphs (Pan);

Reviewed by: Valerio Restocchi, Michael Herrmann 


01122021_Item 3_Full Course Proposal Form_Computational Neuroscience (Hennig, Series, Chadwick);

Reviewed by: Iain Murray, Michael Herrmann 


01122021_Item 4_Full Course Proposal Form_Foundations of Cognitive Modeling (Mollica); Reviewed by: Bjoern Ross, John Longley   


Item 5:  

01122021_Item 5: Rationalizing Year 3 (Goldwater) 

Outcome: approved. 

Action1: Automated Reasoning (Level 9) to be closed for 22/23 and replaced with a Level 10 version of the same course, with changes to the course descriptor as described in Sec 2.2 of the paper. 

Action2: ITCS, ADS, and ST to be moved to Semester 1 for AY 22/23 or whenever they next run. 

Action3: BF and 3rd year organiser to continue to monitor any issues with the new arrangement.   


Item 6: 

01122021_Item 6: Moving 'Human-Computer Interaction' (HCI) INFR11017 to 20 Credits (Vaniea, Vines) 

Outcome: Design Informatics staff to discuss resourcing with BF and A Lascarides (ILCC Director) and decide whether to pursue the 20 credit version for 22/23. If so, a full course proposal will need to be submitted/approved in early spring.   


Item 7: 

01122021_Item 7: Preliminary course proposal: Computational Methods for Sustainability (Goddard) 

Outcome: The Board supports the submission of a full course proposal. 

Action1: BF and SG to discuss and agree a timeline with N Goddard for submitting a full course proposal. 

Action2: N Goddard to continue course design and discussion with other schools, and submit full proposal as agreed above. 



Matters Arising

Agenda for Today


DPT updates:


23022022_Item 1 – Advanced Design Informatics_DPT Updates (Maria Wolters)


23022022_Item 2 – Data Science_DPT Updates (Paolo Guagliardo)


23022022_Item 3 – Cognitive Science BSc and MSc_DPT Updates (Frank Mollica)


23022022_Item 4 – BEng Computer Science_DPT Updates *for information only* (Sharon Goldwater)


23022022_Item 5 – EPCC_DPT Updates (Ben Morse)


Preliminary course proposals:


23022022_Item 6 – Informatics Entrepreunership_Preliminary Course Proposal (Björn Franke)


Course updates:


23022022_ Item 7 – Introduction to Databases_Course updates (Paolo Guagliardo)


23022022_ Item 8 – Software Testing_Course updates (Stuart Anderson)


23022022_Item 9 – Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science_Course updates (Frank Mollica)


23022022_Item 10 – Randomized Algorithms_Course updates (Kousha Etassami)


23022022_Item 11 – Computational Cognitive Neuroscience_Course updates (Peggy Series)




*TBC*: Preliminary course proposal: Research Methods in Financial Computing (Felipe Costa Sperb)