15 July 2020 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting on 15 July 2020, 14:00hrs-16:00 hrs online

Bring your own laptops or tablets

Please remember that we do not provide hard copies of agenda items or their supporting documents at the Board of Studies meetings. Please ensure you bring your laptops or tablets with you in order to view this agenda and it's items during the meeting. You will likely need to sign in to the wi-fi 'eduroam' using your DICE credentials.

Welcome to all members and introductions

Please note that it is intended that the session will be recorded via Blackboard Collaborate.


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting  - 29  Apr 2020


Matters Arising


15072020_BoS Item 1 - Course Assessment Changes



For Information Only

NLP-IP - new 80 credit version available INFR11204

IAML-PG2 - new course code created  (INFR11205) to distinguish between it and the Semester 1 Course INFR11182 


AOCB (Any Other Current Business)  

Proposed Dates for 20-21 BoS meetings. Not normally held in August or September - but Sept added if needed 

Sept 16th or 23rd

Oct 21st

Nov 18th

Dec 16th

Jan 20th

Feb 17th