Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Ethics convenor.

Next meeting:  9:30-11:00 Tue 05 September 2023, Online


To establish and manage Research Ethics and Integrity procedures in the School, and ensure consistent treatment of Ethics applications.

To make recommendations to Head of School in relation to policies and processes.


Member category How appointed Incumbent
Ethics convenor                                                                                     Appointed Lexi Birch-Mayne
Academic Staff Representative Appointed Kia Nazarpour
Academic Staff Representative Appointed Arno Onken
Academic Staff Representative Appointed Björn Ross
Academic Staff Representative Appointed Uta Hinrichs

In attendance as required

Deputy Director of Research Ex officio Ajitha Rajan
Deputy Director of Graduate School Ex officio Rob van Glabbeek
UG4 & 5 Organiser; Ex officio Adam Lopez
Honours Project Coordinator Ex officio Hiroshi Shimodaira
External Advisor Volunteered Jennifer Culbertson
Internal Advisor Volunteered Maria Wolters


Officer to the Committee:  Research Data Manager

Clerk to the Committee:  Research Data Officer

Appointment of members and term of office

Appointed members shall serve for a minimum of two consecutive years, and should be a mix of academic and research only staff from across the School.  Appointed members are not based on Institute representation, however if an Institute or area of the School feels under-represented the Committee will consider requests for membership.  Members should have some experience in successfully submitting two or more Ethics applications.

Where possible, each new cycle of membership should retain at least one appointed member from the previous academic year to ensure a minimum level of expertise while new members undergo induction.

Internal and External Advisors are expected to attend meetings as required or agreed with the Convener, assist in reviewing specific Ethics applications either directly or as a subject area specialist, and assist in review of projects where the School Ethics committee is unable to be impartial or have a conflict of interest.


Others may be in attendance at meetings of the Committee, at the discretion of the Chair, as the business of the Committee may determine.


Given the level of training and expertise required of members, substitutes will not generally be permitted to attend and act with the absent member's authority. Exceptionally, and with Chair approval, a substitute may be allowed.


The Ethics Commitee reports to Strategy Commitee. 

Frequency of meetings

The Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month.

Meetings/Minutes 2023

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
05 September 2023 5.1 [CLOSED], 5.2 [CLOSED]  
04 July 2023  
12 June 2023  
2 May 2023  
7 March 2023  
7 February 2023  

Ethics Committee past minutes

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below: