People & Culture Committee

The People & Culture Committee advises the Head of School and Strategy Committee on matters that ensure the School has an inclusive culture.

Next meeting:  Monday 13th June 2023, 11am-12:30pm, Turing Room/Hybrid.


The Committee’s primary focus is to:

  • Champion equality, diversity and inclusion across the School;
  • Agree and implementing priorities to improve EDI for both staff and students, which includes agreed Athena Swan actions required to maintain the School’s Athena Swan Award;
  • Agree and implement priorities to improve staff engagement identified from staff surveys and other focus groups.   Student engagement is out of the scope of this Committee.

Some specific responsibilities include:

  • Promote and monitor completion of mandatory EDI training.
  • Monitor and advise on Equality Impact Assessments.

The Committee will set up working groups to take forward particular priorities and members will lead and participate in those working groups.



  • The School’s Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee includes responsibility for promoting the wellbeing of staff and students and there may be some overlap with the People & Culture Committee. There will be some membership overlap across both Committees to ensure each is aware of matters impacting Wellbeing.
  • The People & Culture Committee does not have responsibility for preparing Athena Swan Award submissions – a separate fixed term Self-Assessment Team will be established for that purpose that will be led by the Athena Swan Champion and with representation from the People & Culture Committee. It is expected that the Committee has overall oversight to ensure gender issues and actions are addressed and incorporated into wider EDI actions where they do or could impact more widely than gender.


Member category How appointed Incumbent
Director of People & Culture (Chair)

Ex officio                              

Chris Heunen                      

Deputy Director of People & Culture (Deputy Chair) Ex officio Nadin Kokciyan
Athena Swan Champion Ex officio Stuart Anderson
Head of School Ex officio Jane Hillston
Deputy Head of School  Ex officio Frank Keller 
Director of Professional Services Ex officio Joy Candlish
Staffing Support Manager* Ex officio Ria Murdoch
Communications representative* Ex officio Kasia Kokowska
Student Experience Manager* Ex officio Sophie Mills

Academic staff representatives

(x3-6 to represent Research Institutes)

Bjorn Ross

Michio Honda

Andrea Weisse

Kartic Subr

Professional services staff representative Appointed Eilidh Guild
Research Staff representative Appointed

Lynda Webb


PGR student representative Appointed Robyn Greene
Taught student representative Appointed Alexandra Purcarea

*Members representing their specific role and professional services staff as a whole.

Officer to the committee:  Staffing Support Manager

Clerk to the committee:  PA to Head of School

Appointment of members and term of office 

Appointed members will be appointed from the respective constituency with the support of the membership of that constituency and will normally serve for a term of two consecutive years, although the Committee will review its Remit and Membership annually to ensure relevance.


Others may attend meetings of the Committee, at the discretion of the Chair, as the business of the committee may determine.


At the discretion of the Chair, members who are unable to attend may nominate a substitute, who will act with the member’s authority.


To Strategy Committee via Director of People & Culture.

Frequency of meetings

Three to five meetings during the academic year.

 Meetings/Minutes AY 2022/23

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below:

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
14 October 2022  
6 December 2022  
6 March 2023