Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee meets quarterly and is chaired by the Equality and Diversity Coordinator. This committee has been replaced by the People and Culture Committee.

Next meeting:  Tuesday 5th July 2022, 11am-12:30pm, via MS Teams


To advise the School Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the Head of School on all matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.

To support and promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the School.

To oversee the School’s Athena SWAN recognition including advising on the periodic submission for renewal of Athena SWAN recognition and the implementation of the School’s Athena SWAN action plan.


Member category How appointed Incumbent
Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (chair)

Ex officio

From August 2022                                       

Vijay Nagarajan 

Chris Heunen                      

Head of School Ex officio Jane Hillston
Director of Professional Services Ex officio Joy Candlish
Athena SWAN Implementation Coordinator Ex officio Nadin Kokciyan
Staffing Support Manager Ex officio Sam Inch
Head of Student Services Ex officio Neil Heatley
Communications and Outreach Representative Ex officio Kasia Kokowska
Professional Services Staff Representative Appointed Siobhan Carroll
AIAI Representative Appointed Nadin Kokciyan
ANC Representative Appointed Nigel Goddard
ICSA Representative Appointed Vijay Nagarajan
ILCC Representative Appointed Benjamin Bach
IPAB Representative Appointed Xiaoxuan (Chris) Lu 
LFCS Representative Appointed Liam O'Connor
AIAI PDRA/PhD Student Representative Appointed Kobby Nuamah
ANC PDRA/PhD Student Representative Appointed

Filippo Ferrari

Andrea Weisse
ICSA PDRA/PhD Student Representative Appointed Shrey Bhardwaj
ILCC PDRA/PhD Student Representative Appointed Amy Rodger
IPAB PDRA/PhD Student Representative Appointed Ruaridh Mon-Williams
LFCS PDRA/PhD Student Representative Appointed Nuiok Dicaire
University Teacher Representative Appointed Aurora Constantin
PGT student representative (1) Appointed TBC
PGT student representative (2) Appointed Vacant
UGT student representative (1) Appointed Ammir Barakat
UGT student representative (2) Appointed Sraddheya Gurung

Officer to the committee:  PA to Head of School

Clerk to the committee:  PA to Head of School (or nominee)

Appointment of members and term of office 

Appointed members shall be appointed from the respective constituency with the support of the membership of that constituency.

Appointed members shall be appointed on an annual basis, for each academic year, which shall be renewable.


Others may be in attendance at meetings of the Committee at the discretion of the Chair, either on a regular basis or as the business of the committee may determine.  


At the discretion of the Chair, members who are unable to attend may nominate a substitute, who will act with the member’s authority.


The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee reports to the School Strategy Committee.

Frequency of meetings

At least three meetings during the academic year.

Meetings/Minutes AY 2021/22

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below:

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
17 November 2021  
23 February 2022


5 July 2022  

Minutes from previous years.