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Information for staff members who require web presence for themselves or their research group, project or themselves.

Informatics research and academic staff requiring web presence have a few options to choose from depending on the purpose of the web presence and requirements.

Research Groups

InfWeb website

The Informatics Communications Team can create the structure for your research group website on the school content management system (InfWeb, which is the version of CMS the University is using). Please note that you will be responsible for creating and maintaining this content. It will require you and/or delegated members of your staff to attend the University CMS training (EdWeb training), Effective Digital Content training. You will also have to ensure your website is GDPR and Accessibility Regulations-compliant. InfWeb as a CMS generally ensures compliance with web accessibility to a degree (e.g. alternative text, colour schemes).

Examples of InfWeb research group pages:

Quantum Informatics

Security Privacy and Trust group

Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control group

Regulations and training:


Web Accessibility guidance for Infweb

EdWeb training

Effective Digital Content training

If you would like to request a structure on Inf Web for your web presence, please fill in the form below. Please note that at the moment (April 2021) the Comms Team are not able to create new websites quickly and you have to allow at least a month for having the initial structure in place.

Request here (secured)

Academic blogging service

University offers space on their WordPress-based blogging service. Although mostly used for teaching, they can be the right option for presenting your research.

Academic blogging service

Univerity Wiki service

Colleagues may also apply for a wiki space on the University wiki.

University Wiki service

AFS file space

If you wish to create your own HTML web presence this can appear at the AFS web location of There are also "workshops.inf", "events.inf", and "conferences.inf" URLs. Please note that these webpages will still require to be compliant with GDPR and web accessibility regulations and will be audited by the Comms team. If you are not sure how to make your pages compliant with web accessibility, then perhaps this is not the right option for you.

This and other options are explained on Computing help pages:

Computing help: web presence options

If you're unsure which option would be best for you, please contact InfComms.

Email Infcomms

Personal pages

Informatics personal pages

Informatics profile pages are database-driven. If you’d like to have your room number/position changed please get in touch with InfHR.

Sample Informatics profile page

If you have another personal page (e.g. research-related) you can add a link to it using webmark self-service. You can also add your research interest using the form.

Formatting of that may be an issue so it’s best to keep it as short plain text, and not assume any formatting will survive.

Self-service form for adding a link to personal page from Informatics profile

Informatics homepages

If you're after a more comprehensive personal page you might want to go down the AFS file space route - this will be similar to route pages. You will need to contact computing for this. GDPR/web accessibility regulations still apply.

Computing help: homepages

University personal pages

All staff members can also create and edit their own University profile page (they do not have to be EdWeb trained).

Sample University of Edinburgh profile page

Guidance on editing your University profile page can be found on the EdWeb support wiki.

EdWeb support wiki