Outreach and PE 2020

School of Informatics Outreach and Public Engagement in 2020

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Name Activity Date Venue Audience
Bob Fisher Trimbot2020 video 23/01/20 YouTube/Facebook

Aimed at pre-schoolers

Views: YT: 1100

FB: 19K

Subramanian Ramamoorthy Trust me I'm a Robot podcast 08/05/20 Online: XpoNorth web/Isolated Talks web General
Sethu Vijayakumar RSE Investigates... AI series: From Automation to Autonomy: Collaborative Robots driving the Future of Work talk 30/06/20 Online: Zoom General
Carol Chermaz We Need to Talk about AI (Assistive Technologies) 02/07/20 Online: YouTube General
Kartic Subr Sutton Trust Summer School 13-18/07/20 Online S5 (Scotland), Year 12 (England and Wales) or Year 13 (Northern Ireland) students
Carol Chermaz Listening across disciplines (episode 1: speech synthesis) 08/07/20 Web broadcast Adult
Subramanian Ramamoorthy RoboDoc! Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas 15/07/20 Online CODI @ The Stans General (200-300)
Heather Yorkston

Workshop on the History of Numerals, Numbers and Applications including number bases and computers; UKMT Summer School Workshop

04/08/20 Online 63 Secondary school children
Aurora Constantin Nuffield Research Placements Programme /08/2020 Online 4 high school students
Michael Camilleri

Science Chat @ Grassmarket

19/10/20 Online 8 adults
Verna Dankers

Online Chats for I'm a Scientist

12/20 Online

10 sessions, with one school class per session

Yanna Colmerauer Virtual Maths Circle 08-10/20 Online 7-14-year-olds (180+)
Julian Bradfield

Winchester College Studium Day: To Infinity and Beyond!

14/10/20 Online 100 secondary school students