Outreach and PE 2021

School of Informatics Outreach and Public Engagement in 2021

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Name Activity Date Venue Audience
Ram Ramamoorthy Change I M Possible Podcast 11/01/2021 Online General
Julie-Anne Meaney Bright Club Dublin 13/01/2021 Online General, adults (40)
Matt Timmons-Brown Pi Wars Conference Talk (Robotics at University and beyond - a student's perspective) 23/01/2021 Online Technical, non-specialist (150)
Sethu Vijayakumar The Scotsman column on Robotics in Healthcare 03/02/2021 Print/online General public
Phil Wadler Lambda Days (Kraków) 19/02/2021 Online Developers (300)
Sethu Vijayakumar LBC #Inconvenient Ruth with MSP Ruth Davidson Podcast 21/02/2021 Online General public
Alexandra Birch

Workshop on Low Resource Language for the Media Industry

25/04/2021 Online 40-60 attendees representing media
Ram Ramamoorthy

Living with AI Podcast

28/04/2021 Online General
Shay Cohen Informatics Circle 29/05/2021 Online Kids 7-14
Ram Ramamoorthy Computerphile Podcast 25/06/2021 Online General (+27K views on YT)
Fiona McNeill, Ayshalini Rajasuresh, Amy Rodger, Jack Irvine, Emelie Van De Vreken, Katarzyna Prus, Aksath Khandelwal Sutton Trust Summer School 16/07/2021 Online High sSchool students
Heather Yorston Sutton Trust Summer School Data Science workshop 16/07/2021 Online High sSchool students
Heather Yorston

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Summer School

05/08/2021 Online

Secondary school children: 60 junior and 50 senior pupils

InfComms Team Doors Open Day: virtual tours and online resources 25-26/09/2021 Online General public
Ian Simpson

"My World of Work Live" - Meet the Expert - Skills Development Scotland

17/11/2021 Online 300-500 secondary school children
Fiona McNeill, Kasia Kokowska, Amy Rodger Informatics Tutoring Scheme ongoing Online Secondary School pupils