Outreach and PE 2022

School of Informatics Outreach and Public Engagement in 2022

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Name Activity Date Venue/Platform Audience
Austin Tate

AI and Robotics @ Edinburgh - six decades ... and beyond


Hybrid: New Club Edinburgh and Zoom

50 adults
Barbara Webb India Science Festival: What can insects teach us about robots? (talk) 12/01/2022 Online 16+ year-olds
Sethu Vijayakumar WIRED: The Future of Robotics (4-part video) 18/01/2022 YouTube General public: YouTube viewers
Sethu Vijayakumar India Science Festival: Future of automated robots - how far have we come? (talk) 21/01/2022 Online 16+ year-olds
Kianoush Nazarpour MIT Technology Review: comment on the role of neuroprosthetic solutions in regaining choice and control for patients in a locked-in state 22/03/2022 Online Average monthly views approx 10 million users
Sethu Vijayakumar BBC Scotland News: comment on how British Sign Language is changing to aid students from the deaf community to access education and jobs in Computer Science. 28/03/2022 Online

Viewers of BBC lunchtime and evening news: approx. 20,000

Elham Kashefi Yahoo!Finance: comment on the prospect of building a reliable quantum computer and the applications of quantum computing to developing quantum devices 31/03/2022 Online Average monthly active users approx 75 million
Chris Heunen, Nuiok Dicaire Edinburgh Science Festival: Quantum Spies 09-13/04/2022 National Museum of Scotland (drop-in) 8-12-year-olds (1250)
Luca Arnaboldi (+ colleagues from HWU)

National Robotarium Daytime Demo Exhibition: Autonomous Racing Car


National Museum of Scotland

Primary school children (families)
Kob Gal (+ Barbara Grosz) Dædalus, the journal of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, issue topic: 

AI & Society - article: Multi-Agent Systems: Technical & Ethical Challenges of Functioning in a Mixed Group

26/04/2022 Online, open access TBC
Diego Oyarzun Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas: Is Understanding Life a Bad idea? 28/04/2022 The Stand, Edinburgh General, 90 adults
Michael Rovatsos Copernicus Festival public talk: Computation, Intelligence, and Society (In English, live translated to Polish and Ukrainian) 19/05/2022 Engineering and Technology Museum, Krakow, Poland General public
Matthias Henning Interviewed by Spektrum.de (German version of the Scientific American) for the article: Clear-cutting in the neuron forest 31/05/2022 Online/paywalled Subscribed readers
Arno Onken Glasgow Science Festival online - Science on the Sofa: Brain Wave Cruise Photo Tour 2-12/06/2022 Online Families
Ursula Martin Making Machines: Mary Shelley and Ada Lovelace - Webinar 13/06/2022 Online 125 registered online attendees
Kartic Subr Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 04-10/07/2022 Royal Society London Families
Fiona McNeill, Kasia Kokowska Informatics Tutoring Scheme Ongoing Online Nat5-Highers/Advanced Higher pupils
Shay Cohen Informatics Circle Ongoing Online  7-14-year-olds