Informatics Tutoring Scheme Information for Schools and Parents

NB The scheme is currently closed for the summer and is under review for next year. This page contains information for schools participating in the Informatics Tutoring Scheme and for parents of participating pupils.

What is the Informatics Tutoring Scheme?

It is a project in which Informatics students support Scottish Computer Science exam-level high school students through small group online tutorial sessions.

Who is running the project?

The project is run by the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. Dr Antonio Vergari, Lecturer in Machine Learning and Ms Kasia Kokowska, Marketing, Communications and Outreach Manager in the School are managing the project. All tutors are current University of Edinburgh undergraduate and postgraduate students.

How will the scheme run?

Computer Science teachers in participating schools are helping to define expectations and plan tutoring. Schools will provide material that the students will be working through and an idea of the areas that would be most beneficial for the tutors to cover. The tutors will support the teachers rather than provide self-directed teaching. We expect all tutors to tutor for at least one hour a week. The tutoring will be provided online unless tutees require an alternative solution in which case options such as phone consultations will be explored.

Safeguarding and Privacy

Due to the nature of the project, the organisers have ensured that both pupils and tutors will be meeting in a safe environment. Only platforms deemed safe will be used to run sessions. Tutors have been required to complete relevant training sessions, register as STEM Ambassadors and apply for a PVG check. There will be no one-to-one sessions, unless all tutors have a PVG and even then one-to-one sessions will only run as break-out sessions in a group session, with a session supervisor present.

Tutors must abide by the Code of Practice and Confidentiality (see below).

A risk assessment (see below) has been conducted.

Any data collated during the project will be anonymised, and used for evaluation and dissemination of the outcomes.

How to participate

If you're interested in our scheme, please get in touch with Kasia. 

Teachers who join the scheme are asked to submit their details through the form below.

Email Kasia Kokowska


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