Outreach and Public Engagement Training and Resources

University students and staff can access a multitude of courses that can prepare them for working with the public.

IAD courses

Institute of Academic Development Courses are open to research staff and PhD students, staff who attend are usually post-docs.

These courses are yet to be confirmed for 2020/21:

  • An Introduction to Public Engagement with Research
  • Public Engagement beyond Public Lectures
  • Communications Toolkit for a Public Audience
  • Facilitation Skills for Public Engagement
  • How to Design a Public Engagement Process
  • Storytelling Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Voice and Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Creating Impactful Public Engagement

Institute for Academic Development

Targeted courses

  • Three training workshops to prepare people for participating in the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas
  • 2-3 workshops for people signed up for Explorathon (usually one on evaluation and one on how to engage people when you’re doing table-top type activities – this will be changed as appropriate this year).



Beltane courses for staff

University staff can attend any PE training sessions run by Heriot-Watt, Napier or QMU as part of the Beltane partnership agreement (programmes in 2020 TBD) 

Talking Science: An Introduction To Science Communication | YouTube Course

Other Resources and Toolkits

There's also plenty of useful resources and toolkits that you can access online. 

College of Science and Engineering Public Engagement Sharepoint

CSE Public Engagement Advisory Group

Beltane Public Engagement Network

NCCPE resources

LinkedIn Learning 

Digital Skills