Financial approval for purchases, expenses, bookings and transfers

High Value (£50,000+)

Approval of purchases & contracts over £50k is delegated by the Head of School to the Director of Professional Services, Joy Candlish. Process steps are below.*

 Approval under £50k is delegated to the following staff members


Main Authoriser (Back Up)
Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour Joanne Pennie (Janet Ball)
Speckled Computing Louise Foster (Janet Ball)

Informatics Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Institute (AIAI)

Fiona Williams (Janet Ball)
Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation Barry Turner (Janet Ball)
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science Laura Rich, Carrie McNamee (Janet Ball)
Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation Caroline Hastings, Barry Turner (Janet Ball)
Commercialisation and Industry Engagement Joanne Pennie (Jim Ashe)
Institute for Computing Systems Architecture Louise Foster (Janet Ball)
Informatics Student Services Neil Heatley (Evgenia Teplechuk)
Informatics Graduate School Neil Heatley, Lindsey Fox (Evgenia Teplechuk)
Informatics Teaching Organisation Neil Heatley, Gillian Bell (Evgenia Teplechuk)
Centres for Doctoral Training Neil Heatley (Evgenia Teplechuk)
School - Equipment only Alastair Scobie (Joy Candlish)
School - Workshops and maintenance only Dave Hamilton (Evgenia Teplechuk)
School - Facilities only Carol Marini (Dave Hamilton)

E-expenses approval groups

This list is to assist expenses claimants in selecting the correct approver group when submitting their expenses online

Approval Group Title

Applicable Units 


Finance Administrator  

School non-institute 


Dyane Harvey

Lewis Machin  

Informatics Institute of Perception Action and Behaviour 


Joanne Pennie 


Informatics Commercialisation 


Joanne Pennie 


Informatics Human Communication Research Centre 


Caroline Hastings, Barry Turner 

Craig McKenzie Smith  

Informatics Institute for Computing Systems Architecture 


Louise Foster

Craig McKenzie Smith  

Informatics Institute for Computing Systems Architecture 


Louise Foster

Craig McKenzie Smith  

Informatics Adaptive and Neural Computation 


Barry Turner 


Informatics Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science 


Carrie McNamee, Laura Rich 

Julie Laidlaw  

Informatics Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Institute (AIAI) 


Fiona Williams 

Julie Laidlaw  

S47 - Informatics Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) 


Neil Heatley 

Vicky Kennedy  

Informatics Student Services 


Neil Heatley 

Donna Bolland  

Informatics Teaching Organisation Graduate School 


Lindsey Fox, Gillian Bell 

Donna Bolland  


*Process for £50,000+

When contacting Joy Candlish for authorisation, the organiser/requisitioner of the order must include the following:

  • Concise and clear summary of what the order is (avoid a long trail of emails);
  • Signed contract with the supplier;
  • Confirmation by the budget holder (i.e. grant holder / unit manager) that they have reviewed the order.

Organiser/requisitioner will need to ask the finance helpline to temporarily increase the DoPS approval limit to accommodate that purchase, by providing the relevant procurement back-up paperwork with the request (such as evidence of the procurement department’s authorisation).

  • Once the order has been finalised the DoPS’ approver limit should be decreased to £50K again via the Finance Helpline;
  • Each individual large order should be accompanied by its own request to the Finance Helpline, even if multiple orders are happening at the same time.