This page features the Research finance and the School finance contacts.

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Job area and titles are subject to change in line with People & Money roll-out. Some titles may be different.

School and Student Services Finance

Staff member Area Email Phone Location
Aneta Bos Finance Business Support Manager   IF 4.29
Jane MacLeod Finance Business Support Administrator (School General Accounts)   IF 4.2
Abbey Morgan Finance Business Support Administrator (Centres for Doctoral Training)   IF 4.29
Donna Bolland Finance Business Support Administrator (Student Services Accounts)  

IF 4.29

Research Finance

Kirstin Unwin, Head of Research Services, 509970, IF 5.04

Staff member Area Email Phone Location

Craig Smith

Finance Administrator - ILCC, ICSA, AIAI, Speckled Computing;    

Karolin Reh

Finance Administrator - LFCS, IPAB, ANC;


Covering external budgets (Research Grants, donations and other external grants) and internal budgets (Research Institutes’ departmental funds).   

Institute grant portfolios are handled by Portfolio Managers.

Portfolio Managers