Guidance for submitting expenses.

Please note

Information on this page is accurate until 22 July 2022.

Informatics staff and student expenses guidance

All UoE staff and students wishing to claim expenses must be registered on the eExpenses system

To register: complete this application form and email it to school-finance@inf.ed.ac.uk

How to claim via eExpenses system 

  • System guidance & login are available here;
  • Log in, enter your expenses information and attach scanned/photographed receipts;  
  • Select finance codes;
  • Select approval group and submit; 
  • If more information is required or amounts are queried, you will receive a notification email linking to the corresponding notes from the claim reviewer on the system;
  • If help is needed with the choice or addition of financial codes, or the system itself, finance administrators will answer queries or take you through the process.

Benefits of direct access to eExpenses: remote access, all expenses management in one place, ability to view historical claims, faster claim processing, streamlined querying of claims with online communication directly on the system;  reduction of duplication/bottlenecks when claims are entered directly by claimants as opposed to by a third party. 

The eExpenses system provides capacity for all expenditure details to be logged electronically directly by claimant without the need to duplicate that information on paper forms.All receipts can be photographed (or scanned) and attached to claims on eExpenses. E-receipts can be attached directly.   

**From August 2022 all staff expenses in the University will be submitted by claimants online via the new People and Money system. Guidance will be issued once available.** 

Other options (available until August 2022)

If you choose to continue to claim via a proxy user – i.e. a member of the finance office - please follow this process:

  • E-mail your claim to the appropriate finance contact: complete the spreadsheet template and attach scanned/photographed receipts (a finance administrator will acknowledge receipt and process the claim for you).


Important things to note

  • Claimants are responsible for adhering to the University's expenses policy and the School of Informatics guidance:

  • UoE Expenses Policy            Informatics staff and student expenses guidance
  • Original receipts for EU grants: will need to be forwarded to your finance administrator regardless of your chosen method of claim submission due to audit requirements for EU projects, and possibly other projects (to be confirmed).  If in doubt, please ask your finance administrator or portfolio manager for advice.  
  • 1 trip per claim please: please do not combine multiple trips into the same expenses claim. This is particularly important for research grant claims as the funder often requires a breakdown of travel claimed. Multiple trips claimed at the same time can complicate the reporting process.  
  • Advances of expenses: are still processed by paper in the UoE, please continue submitting paper forms to your finance administrator.  
  • Tips for entering claims: If claim is for travel on a research grant, include the purpose of the trip, dates and destination in the Title. If charging to a research grant, copy and paste the claim description to the individual item description adding further detail if necessary. When you have finished, attach your scanned/photographed receipts using the 'Paperclip'.  It is possible, and sometimes preferable, to have all receipts in the same document and applied to all claim items.

Help with the process

  • Quick 1:1 tutorials on system usage, help with account code selection, advice on exchange rates and other technicalities will be offered by the finance administrators:

finance-research@inf.ed.ac.uk – for research grants and Institute funds       school-finance@inf.ed.ac.uk – for School related expenditure, including Start-up Funds

school-finance@inf.ed.ac.uk (Abbey Morgan) – for CDT expenditure                     dbolland@inf.ed.ac.uk (Donna Bolland) – for ISS (Informatics Student Services) expenditure 


  • Complex claims can still receive administrative support if required;
  • The new expenses spreadsheet template contains a list of commonly used codes, and in the longer-term a new, simplified accounts structure in the UoE (under development, currently) that would make code selection much more intuitive.  

Visitors and one-off claimants (e.g. students)

Visitors and one-off claimants are not permitted to use the eExpenses system, therefore should submit the University's non-staff/student expenses claim form with receipts to their Finance Administrator.