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All the information regarding training, systems and data access in Finance.

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Finance training hub

Help for staff with finance in their role

Help for staff with finance in their role

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Access to UoE finance systems


Staff should contact their Line Manager for:

  1. Access to relevant internal finance and/or grant documentation
  2. Finance/grant timetable
  3. List of job codes relevant to their portfolio
  4. Demonstration of account monitoring & reconciliation tools
  5. Demonstration of purchase ordering & payments processing.

Access to Systems

Electronic financial & purchasing systems used in Informatics:

Standard Specialised
  • Finance Process Manager - payments of invoices, credit notes, visitor expenses, or registering new suppliers
  • Santander Foreign Currency Payments - as above, but in non-GBP currency
  • eExpenses - paying the UoE staff and student expenses
  • WebFirst - financial reporting
  • eFinancials (purchase ordering, financial reporting and sales invoicing)
  • eTime - making payments to 'Guaranteed Hours' contracts (for example tutors) or recording hours on research grants
  • SciQuest - catalogue ordering system
  • Business Objects BI Suite (financial reporting)
  • ePay (event registration fees) 
  • Xcel Uploader (data upload from Excel into eFinancials)

Requesting access

  1. Check which systems and cost centres you need access to with your line manager.
  2. Contact the School's eAuthorisations administrator (Dyane Harvey) with the following information to enable the creation of a staff profile on eAuthorisations:
  • Personnel number
  • Title
  • Job Title
  • Name
  • UUN
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Cost centre/s
  • Which systems access is required to

The eAuthorisations Administrator is able to activate access to the following systems directly: eIT, eTime, FPM, Santander Online Foreign and WebFirst; they will be able to provide application forms for eExpenses & eFinancials and a link for SciQuest (online process).

BI Suite and Xcel Uploader are highly specialised and access should be first discussed with your line manager and the Head of Finance and Administration.