How to print on demand whilst working remotely

"How to guide" regarding printing on demand, whilst remote working

How to print on demand whilst working remotely

The University Printing Services is now providing a print on demand service to help facilitate remote working.  Printing can be requested and will be delivered to your home address via Royal Mail or courier. 


Please only use this service if it is absolutely necessary and it is preferable to minimise the number of separate occasions where you need printed materials dispatched to you so try and consolidate any requests into a single request. Printing should be for essential purposes only, so please do consider alternatives.


To use the service:


*This is to ensure Institute administrators can record your request and we can reconcile against the costs that will be charged to the School. 


While there is a courier service available for urgent requirements please avoid using this as it will add additional costs to the School. 


We are aware there have been requests for purchase of home printers for ad hoc printing needs and for claiming expenses for home printing, however are unable to authorise this given home printers are generally costly to run and have a significant impact on the environment in terms of carbon footprint and materials used.  We will not be able to make use of any purchased printers when we return to campus.


Some features of the service to be aware of:

  • The service relies on a 3rd party company to print the documents, so some documents requiring higher level of security may not be suitable for this service.
  • You must agree to sharing your home address with the supplier otherwise this service cannot be used.
  • Delivery times will vary, but turnaround for delivery via Royal Mail will be 3-5 working days. This cannot be guaranteed so please allow as much time as possible for the print job to arrive.
  • There is a minimum printing charge of £30 but Printing Services will help to manage overall University costs by batching print jobs into larger submissions when possible.