Annual leave & public holidays

Information on annual leave and public holidays for staff.

People and Money (new UoE HR system)

There are some changes related to how to request Holidays in the University of Edinburgh which applies to all staff. Please consult the People and Money FAQs for more information. 

People and Money FAQs (secured)

Annual Leave

Staff members are entitled to an annual leave allowance which is dependent on grade, length of service and hours worked per week. Details of an employee’s allowance can be found within the University’s conditions of service section of the University HR website.

Conditions of Service

The University's annual leave policy can be found in HR Policies - the first item on the list titled "Absence Management".

The designated public holidays for all staff are:

  • 25, 26 December
  • 1, 2 January

If these dates fall on a weekend you will be entitled to the next working weekday. These will be confirmed by the University at the start of each year.  Public holiday allowance for part-time staff is calculated on the full-time entitlement, pro-rata to the Standard Working Week.

How to Request Leave

All staff should request annual leave electronically via the People and Money system.

All annual leave requires approval of the line manager.

Line managers will receive email notifications of submitted leave from the P&M system, and are able to view leave balances directly in the system.

How is your leave calculated?

Your leave balance in People and Money is calculated based on your contract length and working hours per week.

Full time leave balances* are calculated as follows:

  • Grade 1-5**: 224 hours annual leave and 28 hours public holiday – total leave in People and Money is 252 hours.
  • Grade 6+: 252 hours annual leave and 28 hours public holiday – total leave in People and Money is 280 hours.

*Balance will reduce if contract end date is before 31st December

**less than 5 years service. If more than 5 years service then leave balance increases by 28 hours.

For part time and fixed term contract leave balances, please use the annual leave calculator available here.

Please note that your public holiday allowance is also added on to your annual leave balance, this leave will automatically be deducted on the system. Please ensure that your working pattern is correct on People and Money as this will have an effect on hours deducted during the Christmas closure period.

Sickness during Annual Leave

Where an employee has an authorised period of Annual Leave, but subsequently falls ill for part or all of that Annual Leave period, the days on which they are ill may be classed as sickness absence, so long as the employee follows the same reporting requirements as if they were due to attend work for that period. They should also provide the appropriate self-certification or medical certification as stipulated in the University’s Absence Management Policy.

In these circumstances, occupational sick pay will be paid in line with the employee’s contractual entitlement. The Annual Leave entitlement which the employee would otherwise have used should be taken at a later date as Annual Leave.