Induction for new staff

The school is committed to providing a comprehensive induction for staff commencing employment with the School of Informatics.

New staff who have contracts of 3 months or more will receive a welcome letter and relevant information handouts in advance of arriving at the school.


Staff will be given a checklist which they should complete on day one in post which covers essential information for new staff members. The line manager/mentor will also be given a copy of this document and should complete the form with the new member of staff. InfHR will check in with new staff after 1 month and 6 months in post, just to ensure that the induction provided by the line manager or mentor is on track and is covering all that is needed.


When the induction process is complete the member of staff will be asked to complete an Induction Evaluation and Feedback Questionnaire which both the staff member and line manager will sign off.


For more information about Personal Relationships and Conflicts of Interest at Work, see the College of Science and Engineering guidance below.


Staff who have contracts of less than 3 months will receive the information handouts and a health and safety tour of the building on their first day in the school.

If you have any questions about the induction process then please contact the InfHR team at

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