6. Work Experience

The steps to follow with regards to work experience and internships.

Work experience can really help an individual stand out from the crowd and give them the edge in future job applications. There are many different types of work experience; from work shadowing, to volunteering and structured internships.

For infomation on the University policies regarding internships and work experience, follow the link below.

 University policies on internships and work experience

1. Work Experience (unpaid)

Work experience within the School of Informatics is typically used by individuals currently within High School looking to come for approx. 1 -2 weeks. This work is unpaid and is experience based only.

In order to carry out work experience within the School of Informatics, a risk assessment must be completed and returned before the first day of work. These must be carried out and completed by the line manager at least one month in advance of the start date. The form requires the below sign off before a work experience can be granted:

  • Supervisor
  • Health and Safety Supervisor (Dave Hamilton)
  • Young Person’s Parent/Carer
  • Young Person’s School Representative

Once you have gained approval of all of the above please submit to InfHR along with confirmation of any other requirements e.g. desk, computer, visitor or DICE access. 

Unfortunately, due to PVG restrictions we are unable to offer work experience to anyone under the age of 16 years old.

Please ensure the risk assessment is carried out before placement is offered:

2. Internships (paid)

a. Professional Services

The University runs an intern service via the central system for professional services staff. If you are interested in having an intern within your team please contact InfHR for further information.

b. Research

If you would like an intern on your research grant for a set period of time please contact your Portfolio Manager, who will be able to assist you with your next steps. 

Information on Portfolio Managers

Please note interns working on research grants are typically paid at UE03 level and right to work checks must be carried out before the individual starts work. Follow the salary scales link below for more information.

Salary Scales