3. Advertised position: next steps

Further particulars related to the advertisement of a position, including information about interviews and what to include in the process.

Once a vacancy has been processed and has gone live on the University’s job website, InfHR will be in touch to advise you of this and to provide a direct link to your vacancy. All University posts close at 11:59pm GMT

InfHR will be in touch again the day after your post has closed to advise you of shortlisting arrangements.

Recruitment panels (for shortlisting and interview) should consist of three panel members and should have gender balance within them. Interview panel members must be of the same grade or higher as the vacancy and must not consist of direct colleagues to the post. If you have any questions or want to check if a staff member is eligible, please do not hesitate to get in touch with InfHR.

All panel members (for shortlisting and interview) must have completed the mandatory online unconscious bias training - Challenging Unconscious Bias

The Chair of the panel must have also completed the online Recruitment, Selection and the Law training - Recruitment, Selection and the Law  

Late Applications

It may be possible to accept late applications if they are received prior to the short listing date. It is up to the lead recruiter/interview panel Chair to decide if they will accept late applications. All late applications will need to complete a late application form (HR forms) and submit directly to InfHR along with any attachments they wish to make e.g. CV, supporting statement, research statement.

For further information or to obtain this form, please contact InfHR by clicking on the button below:

Contact InfHR

Defining and advertising the role

Candidate selection