4. Offer of employment

The steps following the recruitment of candidates, and how to appoint them.

All offers of employment MUST come directly from InfHR to ensure that the correct employment checks are being carried out and the wording of the offer follows official requirements.

If your post is grant funded you must first check with your Portfolio Manager to confirm that the grant can cover your proposed salary for the length of the employee’s proposed contract. Your Portfolio Manager will then submit the required paperwork confirming appointment details to InfHR on your behalf.

If your post is core funded please check with InfHR who will help you create an appropriate offer based on the individual candidate.

Please note if an individual requires a work visa to take up the position this may affect the start date of the post, InfHR and your portfolio manager can help set a realistic and achievable start date.  

InfHR will then confirm with the candidate directly the details of the offer of employment via email and will ensure to copy in both the Recruiter and Portfolio Manager. Once accepted InfHR will work with the individual to get them on board and raise their official contract, including applying for a Certificate of Sponsorship if required.

The lead recruiter may wish to speak to the candidate before the official offer is communicated by InfHR, if this is the case it is important that as this stage you do not say that you are formally offering them the post only that you will be recommending that the position be offered to the individual and you have passed this on your local HR team to carry out the relevant checks.

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