2. Raising a vacancy (advertised or unadvertised)

The steps to follow while raising a position, whether it is already advertised or not.

Before any position is filled, recruiter MUST check the University Talent Register. The Talent Register provides anonymised details of staff who are available for redeployment within the University. Staff are eligible for redeployment as a result of being at risk of redundancy, for health or medical reasons or when a position has been red circled. Please see further information and access to the talent register below. Once you have checked the Talent Register, you can then decide if your post should be advertised or not. If there is a TR individual that meets the essential requirements of your post, please contact InfHR to arrange an interview. This can be done without advertisement even if it does not meet the below criteria.

Redeployment Register

If an individual is one of the following, the post is not required to be advertised

  • Named on a grant
  • Working for less than 6 months

All other posts must be advertised on the University website. The minimum length of time for an advert is 2 weeks, either internal or external to the University.

If your post is grant funded please speak to your portfolio manager with details of how long you wish your post to be advertised (if at all) and where you wish the post to be advertised. It is automatically shown on the University webpage along with www.job.ed.ac.uk for Research and Academic posts.  If you wish the post to be advertised elsewhere and confirm that your grant will be able to cover these costs.

Jobs at the University of Edinburgh

Please note for School funded positions we must seek approval from college before advertisement for any posts longer than 6 months. Please seek further advice from InfHR.

Contact InfHR