Support for staff with caring responsibilities

Our School provides enhanced support for staff and PhD students with family/caring responsibilities through our Family Support Policy.

Our School is committed to equality and diversity.  We follow all University policies for flexible working and family/caring responsibilities.

In addition, we have the following local guidelines and policies to provide enhanced support for staff.

Family support fund for training

Our School wishes to ensure that staff and PhD students with caring responsibilities are not disadvantaged in their ability to attend work-related training.

Reduced workload for staff returning from family related leave

The School recognises the need for staff returning from family-related leave to integrate back into work while balancing their changed circumstances at home. This policy is designed to support staff returning from maternity, parental, partner and adoption leave (collectively referred to as “family-related leave”)

Flexible working requests

Our School follows and supports the University policy in considering all flexible working requests regardless of individual reasons.