Family support fund for training

Our School wishes to ensure that staff and PhD students with caring responsibilities are not disadvantaged in their ability to attend work-related training.

We will endeavour to provide financial support to staff and PhD students to assist with childcare/dependent care costs incurred on such occasions. Eligible expenses might include, for instance, the cost of a child and partner travelling with the individual or the cost of a carer to remain at home with the dependent.   

In general, the expectation is that the fund will support people who will be away from home overnight or longer and for whom no viable alternative caring arrangements are possible.  This is in line with HMRC rules for individuals to be reimbursed such costs without incurring tax and national insurance liabilities.** 

The fund supports career development (including networking and research presentation opportunities) rather than meeting day-to-day work responsibilities.  

Amounts up to £350 can be applied for where there is no other source of funding for such costs. Staff and PhD students will need to pay for the costs upfront and then claim back via the University’s expense reimbursement procedure. Receipts for all expenditures will need to be provided. No more than two awards will be made to any individual within any financial year. 

While we aim to support all requests, there will be limited funding available each financial year and we therefore encourage early applications.

Staff and PhD students can make an application at any time by completing the School's Family Support Fund application form available on the School website. Each case will be considered by the Director of Professional Services and HR Administration Manager.