Staff Development Fund - Application

This is the form to apply for the Staff Development Fund at the School of Informatics.

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All applicants should have the support of their line manager.
Statement should outline how the Staff Development Fund will assist with your career progression, and how this will benefit the School of Informatics.

You cannot ask for the Staff Development Fund without the approval of your manager. Please discuss with your manager before filling in this form.

About the development opportunity
Before applying for funding for courses and similar, opportunities available within the University through workshops (e.g. listed on ‘MyEd’), online learning (including ‘’), etc., should be fully investigated and taken advantage of, where available.

e.g. registration fee, travel or subsistence

All items must comply with University of Edinburgh policy (


- Flights (Edinburgh-Amsterdam), £350, June 2019 - One-off training fee, £60, June 2019

Approval by Head of School and/or Director of Professional Services. Allow 2 weeks for a decision to be made. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by InfHR.

We are processing your personal information as part of the University’s core functions.

Your data will be kept for 1 month.