Informatics Travel Procedures.

Recommendations before getting started (For School of Informatics Staff)

  1. Register as a travel booker here - if you were previously registered as a travel booker with Key Travel, you should already have an account.
  2. Create a Traveller profile. This will make things much easier whether booking via Institute admin or self-service.
  3. Review the University’s policies. This will reduce the chances of any surprises, delays or disappointments further down the line.
  4. The Diversity system can be temperamental and loading can be slow between pages. Keep this in mind when setting aside time to process a booking via self-service.
  5. Get as much organised beforehand as possible.  Traveller profile, risk assessment, approval from budget holders and verification of codes. 
  6. Account for price fluctuations. Quotes time out quickly and more often than not the price will go up the next time you search. If you need to delay completing a booking for any reason expect an increase in price.    
  7. Submit a considered risk assessment. Declined risk assessments could add considerable time to the booking process. Consult the Foreign, Common Wealth and Development Office if necessary.
  8. Remember, the price match policy is for flights only and doesn’t include matching budget airlines.

Note: Please, do let institute admin know where the difference is substantial in either flight or accommodation pricing so this can be logged and reported to Diversity Travel.

  8. It is possible to book accommodation arranged by the conference organiser through Diversity Travel. Contact institute admin to look into this.

  9. If you’re unsure please check with institute admin before proceeding with any booking.

 10. If you’re unhappy with Diversity’s policy, pricing or general service, please refer to the escalations and complaints procedures available on Booking travel | The University of Edinburgh. Please CC the Institute Administration Team  and into your email. 


Process for Booking Through Institutes Admin

Guidance for booking travel within Informatics

Self Service Travel Booking Procedures

Guidance for booking travel via Diversity Travel's self-service portal.

Travel Booking Process Flow Charts

Flow chart depicting the process for booking travel within Informatics


Guidance for claiming travel reimbursements


FAQ's regarding travel within Informatics