Building Induction

All Informatic staff, PGR students and official visitors intending to work in Informatics managed space (Appleton Tower, Wilkie Building, Informatics Forum or the Bayes Centre) for more than a continuous 5 day period, must complete the following building induction.

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, non-Informatics staff and tutors- this page is not for you, please contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation for queries relating to building access for teaching. Teaching support staff requiring access to taught areas should ask their line manager to contact the ITO and arrange the necessary access.

Building Induction Steps

1. Review the School's policies

  • Covid-19
  • Building User Guide

2. Training

  • Complete the Fire Safety training module
  • Review the mandatory training applicable to your role to plan for its completion

3. Submit the Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form

  • Building access cannot be activated prior to receipt of a valid Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form and the subsequent verification of the completion of the mandatory fire safety training.

4. Building Tour

  • Register for a Forum tour

1. Review the School's policies

2. Training

3. Submit Building Access Registration Form

Once you have completed the mandatory fire safety training (above), complete the Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form.

Complete all the information and remember to choose the option to email yourself a receipt.  Forward that email, or send your own notification to

This is the section that notifies us that you require access to our buildings, so please ensure you follow it correctly and email the correct email address. Not doing so may result in delay to your access.

Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form

4. Informatics Forum Building tour

Once you have completed the online induction you should register to take a tour of the Forum by completing the form below.

Forum Building Tour registration

Accessing the  Bayes Centre

Those intending to access the  Bayes Centre should  review the three induction elements noted above and Bayes Centre  guidance

Bayes Centre Building Access and Facilities