Building Induction

All Informatics’ staff, PGR students and official visitors intending to work in Informatics’ managed space (Appleton Tower, Wilkie Building, Informatics Forum or the Bayes Centre) for more than a continuous 5 day period, must complete the following building induction. ** Undergrad and taught students - this page is not for you, please contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation <> for anything related to student courses **

Complete the induction in three steps:

  1. Review the School's policies:

    • Fundamentals

    • Building User Guide

  2. Complete the University's mandatory training:

    • Fire Safety

  3. Submit the Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form.

    • Building access cannot be activated prior to receipt of a valid Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form and the subsequent verification of the completion of the mandatory fire safety training.

    • Please do not attempt to return to any building before completing this induction and the fire safety training.

1. Review the School's policies


2. Complete the University's mandatory training


3. Once you have completed the mandatory fire safety training (above), submit the Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form (Important: This is the section that notifies us that you require access to our buildings, please ensure you follow it correctly and email the receipt to the correct email address. Not doing so may result in delay to your access)

Informatics Buildings Access Registration Form


4. Informatics Forum Building tour. Once you have completed the online induction and you are a new member of staff, you will be required to take a tour of the building. This is mandatory for those receiving swipe card access. You can access the form here:

Accessing the  Bayes Centre

Those intending to access the  Bayes Centre should  review the three induction elements noted above and Bayes Centre  Building Guide (Bayes Admin have some particular requirements outwith the Informatics norm).

Guide for Residents returning to the Bayes Centre


Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment has been undertaken to evaluate how these changed ways of working will impact different groups.


If you believe a risk assessment is appropriate, please get in touch with Informatics H+S (

Raising Concerns

A team of staff will be inspecting all areas of the School to ensure adherence to the new rules regularly. Any non-compliance will be identified and challenged. Repeated breaches may be treated as disciplinary matters with sanctions that may include exclusion from the buildings.

Comments and practical suggestions to improve the new arrangements are welcome. For any situation not covered in this guidance, a risk assessment must be completed. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to get in touch with Facilities for assistance.

Contact Facilities