Building User Guide

For safe use of the Forum, Appleton Tower and Wilkie Building and general information for informatics staff and students who are located in the Bayes centre.

Last Updated: 15 Dec 2022

This page details information on the current building arrangements, and guidance on how to safely access, occupy and use Informatics managed spaces.

All staff, PGR students and official visitors must read through this guide and confirm you have read and understood the content of this document before access is granted to any Informatics’ managed building.  This applies to existing staff who have not previously completed the building induction process since its introduction in 2021 and to all new staff.

Swipe access will not be given until you have completed access registration form and mandatory induction.

Please raise any queries concerning the content of this guide with Facilities <>

All Informatics staff/PGR/visitors should be aware of the School of Informatics' policies at:

(Particularly in relation to building rules for events, children, bicycles and Out of Hours (OOH) access)

(Undergraduate student access is provided via the Informatics Teaching Office in Appleton Tower - it is generally automatic on enrolment on courses, but if there are any issues there is an office on the 8th floor)


  • Please do not arrange for any personal items to be delivered to the building.  Reception have permission to refuse these and will take no responsibility for any that are left without the owner being present to accept
  • Procurement staff will be on-site to take deliveries of any IT equipment that is purchased through them.
  • Work-related items, requiring to be signed for can be delivered to the building, but you must make prior arrangements to receive them yourself.






If you need any help with access to the buildings or provision of furniture or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Facilities team in the first instance:

Contact Facilities

You are also encouraged to speak to your Line Manager or Project Supervisor regarding any concerns you may have.

Security: ​​​​​​UoE phone 2222, external line: 0131 650 2257

EQIA concerns:

  • Contact Vijay Nagarajan (Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Contact Jane Hillston (Head of School)
  • Contact Joy Candlish (Director of Professional Services)

If you have issues with Computing equipment or network access, contact Computing Support:

Contact Computing Support

If there are issues with the building services (lighting, heating, etc.,) email Building Issues:

Contact Building Issues