Fire Stewards

A list of current Fire Stewards across the School.

Instructions for Fire Stewards, Assembly Controllers and Fire Co-ordinators can be found in the School Health and Safety Policy.

Appleton Tower

Area Fire Stewards
Basement Douglas Howie
Concourse/Cafeteria Lecturers, Edinburgh First staff
Level 1/Mezzanine

Lecturers, Edinburgh First staff

Level 2  Lecturers
Level 3 ITO 

Level 4

Rob Armitage, 
Level 5 Gillian Bell
Level 6 Vicky Swann
Level 7

Alastair Scobie, George Ross, Neil Brown, Tim Colles

Level 8 BDEs 8.08

Assembly Controllers:  Douglas Howie or Tom Whigham

Fire Coordinator: David Hamilton


The Forum

Floor Area Fire Stewards
Basement N/A Robin Hill
Ground Floor Area 1 Aleksandra Zawada, Rebecca Norman
Area 2 (InSpace) Design Informatics Staff:  Mark Kobine
First Floor Area 1 Kartic Subr, Sally Galloway
Area 2 Serena Lambley, Siobhan Carroll
Area 3 Julie Laidlaw, 1 vacancy
DI Design Informatics Design Informatics Staff: Luis Soares, Evan Morgan
Second Floor Area 1 Jacques Fleuriot,  1 vacancy
Area 2 Martin Pullinger, 1 vacancy
Area 3  Ian Simpson, 1 vacancy
Third Floor Area 1 Simon King, 1 vacancy
Area 2  Frank Keller, Carrie McNamee
Area 3  Stuart Anderson, 1 vacancy
Fourth Floor Area 1  Benjamin Bach, Kasia Kokowska
Area 2 John Lee, Dyane Harvey
Fifth Floor Area 1 Carol Marini, Rebecca Norman
Area 2 Jane Hillston, 1 Vacancy

Assembly Controllers: Joy Candlish

Fire Coordinator: Neil Heatley

Forum Fire Safety Plans (Pdfs):




Assembly Coordinators: vacancy