Fire Stewards

A list of current Fire Stewards across the School.

Instructions for Fire Stewards, Assembly Controllers and Fire Co-ordinators can be found in the School Health and Safety Policy.

Appleton Tower

Area Fire Stewards
Basement Douglas Howie
Concourse/Cafeteria Lecturers, Edinburgh First staff
Level 1/Mezzanine

Lecturers, Edinburgh First staff

Level 2  Lecturers
Level 3 ITO, Garry Ellard

Level 4

Level 5 Gillian Bell, Pavlos Andreadis
Level 6 Vicky McTaggart, Lindsay Seal
Level 7

Alastair Scobie, Neil Brown, Tim Colles

Level 8 BDEs 8.08

Assembly Controllers:  Douglas Howie or Tom Whigham

Fire Coordinator: David Hamilton


The Forum

Floor Area Fire Stewards
Basement N/A Robin Hill
Ground Floor Area 1 Reception:  Vacancy, Emily Martin (part-time)
Area 2 (InSpace) Design Informatics Staff:  Mark Kobine
First Floor All Areas Kartic Subr, Carol Marini, Victoria Lee, Eilidh Guild, Euan Morse, Seona Wharrie
DI Design Informatics Design Informatics Staff: Luis Soares, Evan Morgan
Second Floor All Areas Jacques Fleuriot,  Computing Support Service Desk staff, Serena Lambley, Martin Pullinger, Luna De Ferrari, Ian Simpson
Third Floor All Areas  Frank Keller, Carrie McNamee, Ruta Bader,  Stuart Anderson, Sally Galloway
Fourth Floor All Areas  Benjamin Bach, Kasia Kokowska, John Lee, Dyane Harvey
Fifth Floor All Areas Jane Hillston, Ricardo De Oliveira Almeida, Emily Martin, Vacancies

Assembly Controllers: Joy Candlish

Fire Coordinator: Neil Heatley

Forum Fire Safety Plans (Pdfs):




Assembly Coordinators: vacancy