First Aid

Requesting first aid support throughout Informatics

If you need first aid

Phone Informatics Forum reception on 0131 (6)51 5661 and an appropriate first aider will be sent to you.

You can also contact first aiders directly.  Posters with details of local first aiders are posted throughout Informatics.

If you feel the incident requires urgent medical attention, dial (9)999 to request an ambulance. Advise reception staff an ambulance has been called.

A defibrillator is available in the Forum reception.

Informatics first aid policy

Reporting an incident

If you need first aid for any reason, the incident should be reported via the University's Accident and Incident Reporting system so that it can be followed up, and hopefully prevented from happening again.  This should be done as soon as possible after the incident.

Report an accident/near miss incident

Informatics First Aiders


Name Location Telephone
Carol Marini 1.03 50 2691
Joanne Pennie 1.31 50 2733
Adam Kirylczuk 2.08 50 5962
Sally Galloway 3.43 50 3130
Stuart Anderson 3.46 50 5191
Kirstin Unwin 5.04 50 4493
Chris Heunen 5.25 50 2865

Appleton Tower

Name Location Telephone
Dave Hamilton B.126c 50 4499
Peter McDonald B.212 50 8300
Iain Rae 7.08 50 5202
Stephen Quinney 7.10 50 5172

Bayes Centre

Name Location Telephone
Petros Papanagiotou 3.09 50 2957
Gareth Beedham 3.21 51 5610