Policies & procedures

Informatics Health & Safety policies and procedures.

The University Health & Safety Policy is issued upon the authority of the University Court. Under the authority of this policy the School of Informatics has produced its own policy to be implemented locally. These policies are in line with the legal duties that employers have towards their staff, which the HSE summarises in the What You Need to Know leaflet.

Health and Safety Law - What You Need to Know

Information on the School of Informatics, building user guide and induction info can be found on the Building Induction pages.

Building Induction


1. General statement of policy

Informatics Health and Safety policy statement.

2. Organisation

An overview of Health and Safety responsibilities within the school.

3. Fire safety

Fire is probably the most serious danger which most members of the University will ever have to face. It can break out almost anywhere and affects everyone.

4. Accidents

Guidelines on what to do if there is an accident at work.

5. First aid

Informatics first aid policy and procedures.

6. Lone & out of hours working

Health and Safety guidance on working alone and outwith regular office hours.

7. Manual handling of loads

Information relating to the health and safety procedures for manual handling of loads.

8. Display screen equipment (DSE) information

Guidance and information on setting up and working with a display screen.

9. Electrical safety

Electrical safety guidance and procedures.

10. Hazardous substances

Informatics Health and Safety guidance on working with hazardous substances.

11. Workshop safety

Health and safety guidance on Workshop Safety.

12. Research lab safety

Research lab safety information covering working with lasers and robotics.

13. General office & common areas safety

Safety information regarding offices and shared areas within school premises.

14. Visitors & contractors

Health and Safety information and responsibilities regarding contractors and visitors including children.

15. Induction & training

An outline of the safety information provided for new staff, postgraduate students and long-term visitors.

16. Risk Assessment

The School policy on Risk Assessments.

17. Monitoring of School Health & Safety policy

The School's Health & Safety policy is reviewed annually and updated on a regular basis.

18. Inspection list

A list of Health and Safety inspections we carry out.