4. Accidents

Guidelines on what to do if there is an accident at work.

All accidents, incidents and instances of known or suspected occupational ill health, must be reported to your Line Manager/the School Safety Adviser as soon as possible and further reported to the University Health and Safety department via their web form at  https://www.accidents.is.ed.ac.uk/. This will enable the School to take any action necessary to prevent a recurrence.

No accident should be considered too trivial to report.

All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Director of Health and Safety as soon as possible after the event, and in any case within seven days.


Accidents / incidents of a serious nature must be notified immediately by telephone (51 4255) to the Health and Safety Department and will be subject to a more formal investigation by a member of staff from the Health and Safety Department. The above actions enable the School to fulfil the legal requirements outlined in the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).


Reviewed: 26/5/22 dch