5. First aid

Informatics first aid policy and procedures.

In the event of injury or illness a qualified first aider should be summoned. In serious cases when an ambulance is needed you or a first aider must dial 999 and state your name, location, telephone number and the nature of the emergency. You should also request the assistance of anyone present to direct the medics to the area if necessary. The University Emergency Service should also be informed on 2222 or (0131) 651 3999 if calling from outside the University's 650/651 exchange.

If you suspect that a casualty has been poisoned, alert Accident and Emergency, dial (9) 536 1000, so that A&E staff can get information from the Poisons Bureau.

List of the School's First Aiders

First aiders' names and contact details along with the location of the first aid boxes are given on green notices which are displayed throughout the School.

These First Aiders are only present during normal working week hours. Outwith those times the nearest First Aider may be contacted through Security (502257).

School First Aiders are not 'Event' support.


The School has a defibrillator available for general use in event of an emergency. It is located in the publically accessible space in front of Forum Reception.

First aid boxes

The School has provided a number of open access first aid boxes which are located throughout each building and additionally each first aider is supplied with their own first aid box.

First aid boxes and their contents are checked regularly to ensure that they are fully stocked.

  • In the Forum first aid boxes are located on levels 1-5 at the coffee points in the drawer labelled with a first aid sign (a white cross on a green background).
  • In Appleton Tower first aid boxes are located in the kitchen areas on levels 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and in the mechanical workshop (B. 128).
  • In Wilkie Building there is a First Aide box located in the pantry area


First aid rooms

Designated first aid rooms are available in some Informatics' buildings. Each first aid room contains essential first aid facilities and equipment for those who are injured or feeling unwell. These rooms are reserved mainly for giving first aid and as resting facilities for new and expectant mothers. The first aid rooms should remain locked when not in use.

  • In The Forum the first aid room (G.11) is located on the ground floor next to reception. The key to the room can be obtain from reception or a first aider, or by prior arrangement if potentially required out of hours (outwith 08:30-17:30 weekdays).
  • In Appleton Tower the first aid room is located in the basement area. The key to the room can be obtained from the H&S Office (B.126C).


Reviewed: 26/05/22 dch