1. General statement of policy

Informatics Health and Safety policy statement.

A safe and healthy working environment is essential to the operation of the School. To the reader this is, I expect, obvious but to ensure that it is the case requires the attention and support of us all. Although the responsibility overall for health and safety in the School rests with the Head of School, we have in place a system of delegated responsibilities, policies, procedures and training that are intended to maintain high standards of care.  The purpose of this document is to explain how these work.

Depending on your role within the School, you will be involved differently in taking care of yourself and others.  If you supervise people then you have the responsibility of ensuring that the work that you oversee is conducted safely.  Whatever your role, you should have enough awareness of the safety routine in the School that you benefit from it, as intended, and are able to play your part in its operation. The aim overall is to reduce hazard and minimise risk.

Our health and safety policy is reviewed annually but we welcome your feedback on any aspect of it at any time.  Please relay any comments to the School Health and Safety Adviser or to Head of School.  Do please take time to read those parts of this document that could apply to you.

Prof. Jane Hillston