Matrix training plan

A table showing what training is required for various roles within the School.

Training subject Who should have training




Safety Induction  All Staff / Postgraduate Students M
First Aid First Aiders M
First Aid at Work annual refresher training First Aiders R
Accident and Incident Reporting and Investigation H&S Staff M
First Aiders R
Fire Awareness All Staff / Postgraduate Students R
H&S Staff M
Fire Steward Responsibilities and Fire Extinguisher Use Fire Stewards M
H&S Staff M
Fire Coordinators Fire Controllers / Co-ordinators M
H&S Staff R
Evacuation of Disabled People Recovery Team Members R
H&S Staff M
Fire Fighting Lift and Use of the Evacuation Chair Recovery Team Members M
H&S Staff M
Lone and Out of Hours Working Staff / Postgraduate Students who work alone or out of normal working hours R
H&S Staff R
Moving and Handling Assessors/Trainers Staff who undertake a range of lifting operations M
H&S Staff M
COSHH Awareness and Risk Assessment H&S Staff R
Defensive Driving Staff who are registered University drivers and drive University owned vehicle. M
Staff who use their own vehicles on University business. R
IOSH Managing Safely H&S Staff M
Health and Safety Awareness (High Risk Schools Areas) H&S Staff M
Head of School R
Health and Safety Awareness for Heads of Divisions and Other Management Units Head of School M
Laser Safety Staff / Postgraduate Students who are intending to use the laser or might be exposed to laser radiation. M
PASMA Standard Tower Course Technicians who use a mobile scaffold tower. M
The Safe Use, Mounting & Dressing of Abrasive Wheels Mechanical Technicians  M