7. Manual handling of loads

Information relating to the health and safety procedures for manual handling of loads.

To comply with the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 it is necessary for employers to ensure that employees avoid, as far as is reasonably practicable, manual handling operations that may cause injury. If these tasks cannot be avoided, it is then necessary that each task is risk assessed.  As a result of that assessment the risk of injury must be reduced to an acceptable level for each particular task identified. Many manual handling tasks can be resolved by using good common sense. However, should a manual handling operation raise concerns over safety or a person's individual capability, then the Safety Adviser should be consulted.

Please remember

  • Handling of heavy or bulky objects involving the use of mechanical aids such as manual pallet trucks and portable hand-powered cranes can be carried out ONLY by authorised staff.
  • Anyone with existing or previous muscular/skeletal injuries and expectant mothers MUST NOT undertake lifting operations which are likely to cause injury.
  • NEVER attempt to lift or move excessive weights which are beyond your physical capability.
  • Even simple manual handling tasks may require 2 persons,  if in doubt ALWAYS ask for assistance
  • ALWAYS report any problems related to manual handling operations to the Safety Adviser or your Line Manager.


Reviewed: 26/05/22 dch