2. Organisation

An overview of Health and Safety responsibilities within the school.

Head of School

The Head of School is responsible to the University Court for the management of health and safety matters within the areas of the University under his/her control.  He/she is required to ensure that local policies and practices for the effective management of health and safety are in place and published.

Health and Safety Manager

The School Health and Safety Manager, Eilidh Guild, was appointed by the Head of School to take special interest in the promotion of health and safety matters, provide advice and to act on behalf of the Head of School in respect of these matters. She is required to contribute to strategic policy, formulation and implementation of School H&S management and ensure compliance with legal, University and best-practice frameworks. 


PIs have a responsibility for overall supervision of their group/project, including ensuring their appointed supervisers are competent in the area of Health and Safety

School Laser Supervisor

The School Laser Supervisor, Prof. Bob Fisher, is responsible for the supervision and safety of all laser operations within the School.


Supervisors are required to give careful attention to the health and safety of those under their supervision and to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken. To fulfil its function, the degree of supervision must have reasonable regard to the level of training, experience and expertise of the employees or students being supervised.


Individual employees and students have a duty to carry out their work in a safe manner in order to prevent injury or ill health either to themselves or to others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work or study.


Reviewed: 29/4/21 dch