14. Visitors & contractors

Health and Safety information and responsibilities regarding contractors and visitors including children.

Long-term visitors

Long-term visitors visiting the School for a period of work can only do so with the permission of the Head of School. They are regarded as staff members as far as health and safety is concerned and as such they must follow all University and School health and safety procedures. On arrival they should receive an induction and be shown the building's fire exit routes.  

Short-term visitors

Short-term visitors refer to persons visiting the School only for brief periods of time, usually a few hours or several days. The member of staff inviting a visitor(s) is responsible for their safety whilst in the building and their evacuation in the event of the fire alarm sounding. Visitors must sign the visitor's book on arrival and when exiting the building (where applicable). The safety of persons attending conferences, Open Days or events is the responsibility of the event organiser who must ensure that there is a 'competent person' who will take charge should any emergency occur. Depending on the numbers attending, the event organizer must ensure that there are enough appointed persons to assist with the evacuation of the premises. This is particularly important when the event takes place outside normal working hours when the School's first aid and fire steward cover is unavailable.

Children, young persons, pets

Children and young persons visiting the premises as a part of School liaison, or on work experience placements, must be kept under the close supervision of a responsible adult(s) at all times. All risks to children and young persons must be assessed taking into account their psychological or physical immaturity, inexperience, and lack of awareness of existing or potential risks. Children are not allowed in high risk areas such as workshops or labs where activities of a hazardous nature are undertaken. Only under exceptional circumstances can parents bring children into the workplace and if so they must ensure their close and strict supervision at all times. On these occasions it must be remembered that the University’s premises are not designed with the safety of children in mind and some risks regarded as insignificant and trivial by adults may have serious consequences for children.   

No pets, other than prescribed assistance dogs are allowed within Informatics.


Contractors are the responsibility of the University Estates and Buildings  Manager who should ensure that they are familiar with the buildings emergency evacuation procedure.

Reviewed: 26/05/22dch