Generic lone working risk assessment (for office)

An assessment of the potential hazards in working alone in an office environment.


Title of activity: Office work outside normal building occupancy
Location(s) of work: Informatics Forum, Appleton Tower
Brief description of work: Normal office activities, outside normally expected hours of building occupancy.  


HAZARD IDENTIFICATION: Identify all the hazards; evaluate the risks (low / medium / high); describe all existing control measures and identify any further measures required. Specific hazards should be assessed on a separate risk assessment form and cross-referenced with this document. Specific assessments are available for hazardous substances, biological agents, display screen equipment, manual handling operations and fieldwork. 

See for details.



HAZARD(s) RISK L / M / H CONTROL MEASURES (i.e.alternative work methods/mechanical aids/engineering controls, etc.)
1. Slips and trips L Ensure, during departmental self-inspections, that any such hazards, e.g. torn carpets, trailing cables etc. receive prompt remedial attention. Do not work alone outwith normal hours if your mobility is temporarily impaired (e.g. leg injury)
2. Fire or other emergency M Ensure that you receive appropriate fire safety training and that you are familiar with emergency procedures for your area. Note that special provisions will be in place for mobility impaired persons.
3. Electrical accident L Ensure that PAT tested items (kettles, desk lamps etc) have been labelled "Pass" and that all electrical cables etc. are regularly visually inspected for damage. Do not interfere with plugs, cables etc, when any item is connected to the power supply.
1.Work with any potentially hazardous items of equipment or materials M Ensure that any work which involves such items or materials is done during normal building occupancy. Operate a "buddy" system - always being accompanied by a colleague - where this is not practicable
2. Manual handling of loads M Do not attempt to lift or move any load single handed which is likely to put you at all at risk of injury. Re- schedule work to time when assistance is available. Alternatively, use lifting/moving aids where this can safely facilitate single person operation.
1. Intruder in building L Ensure that you know how to contact University Security promptly, should you know or suspect that an intruder is present in your building. Do not confront the intruder, lock your door and await the arrival of Security.
2. Safe routes home after work M Plan out how you will get to your car/public transport/home after leaving your workplace, taking account of potential personal safety issues e.g. well lit routes etc
1. Personal medical conditions etc. ? Ensure that any medical conditions which might be relevant to your working alone are fully discussed with your line manager and, if necessary, Occupational Health and your own GP. Do not work alone if any such condition is assessed as putting you at increased risk.
Work pattern:
1. Avoidance of lone and out of hours working N/A Consider how your work pattern integrates with those of other workers, in terms of both time and geography, with a view to avoiding lone working as far as is practicable.
2. Log in/out procedures N/A When lone working is unavoidable, contact University Security to initiate a check-in/check-out system to log your presence in the building.
1. Specify   Please note here any other special circumstances, local conditions, etc., which are relevant to lone and out of hours working.


Persons at risk: Identify all those who may be at risk.

Academic staff X Technical staff X P'Grad students X U'Grad students X
Maintenance staff X Office staff X Cleaning staff X Emergency personnel  
Contractors X Visitors X Others X    



Supervision: Identify the level of supervision required



Additional Information: Identify any additional information relevant to the lone working activity, including emergency procedures, first aid provision, etc.
Location of First Aid Boxes: Information available on notice boards in each building.