Health and Safety Training

Expectations and arrangements for health and safety training in the School of Informatics.

In November 2022, the Health and Safety Committee agreed to the implementation of the School of Informatics Training Matrix, which sets out mandatory training requirements for all, dependent on job role.  All staff should consult the matrix to check what training is required and work through the courses. Information on how to access the courses is below, along with how often these should be repeated to keep your knowledge up to date.  Most are online and can be completed within an hour (usually far less) so you can work through at your own pace.

Download the training matrix and read the table to identify any and all job roles that apply to you.




Existing staff

As above,you should consult the matrix to identify training and complete the courses.  All relevant courses should be completed by the end of 2023.  Additional sessions of in-person training will be organised for 2023 to ensure there are plenty of options for all staff to complete these.  However, if you think you will not manage to complete the course before the end of 2023, please email to discuss.


Staff starting from Jan 23 onwards

All new staff from January 2023 will be provided with a copy of the matrix as part of the on-boarding process.

As above,you should consult the matrix to identify training and complete the courses.  Check the 'Completion due within' column and make sure that the course is completed within that period from your start date

EXAMPLE: Start date 1st January - you should complete the Introduction to Health and Safety by 30th June.

If you think you will not manage to complete the course in the stated timeframe, please email to discuss.

NB If you have joined Informatics from another part of the university you may have already completed some of the required training.  If you can provide proof of training from within the refresher period (eg Healthy Working completed within the last three years, etc) you will not need to repeat this. Please email to discuss.


Non-completion of mandatory training

The H&S Manager will monitor training completion.  If you have not done the training required in the expected time period, you will be reminded and your line manager will be notified. You will be given a final date to complete each course by. If this is not met, your card access for Informatics buildings will be removed and restored only once the training is completed.


Where and how to access training

Once you have identified which training courses you should complete, use the information below to register for or begin the course.


1. Login using your EASE credentials

2. In the course catalogue search for a word in the course title OR In 'Browse categories', select 'Self-enrol Health and Safety courses' then browse to the correct entry

3. Hover over the relevant entry in the 'Course ID' column and click on the grey arrow, then select 'Enrol'

4. Navigate to the 'Courses' section in the left hand menu and your available courses will be ready to start

5. Click on the course title and follow any instructions given


1. Follow the link and login with your normal username and password you set-up

2. If you have never logged in or have forgotten your password, follow the 'set new password' process

3. Select module and click on the relevant section in the right hand menu to begin.

In-person training:


1. Login to MyEd and navigate to the 'Training and event booking' channel under 'News and Events'

2. Use a relevant keyword to search for the course

3. Select 'book now' on your desired session

In-person training

(First aid only)

Email to discuss


In-person training dates