Appleton Tower

Current status and additional information about Appleton Tower.

Work has started on a £2.5m extension and refurbishment of teaching space within Appleton Tower. The work is being undertaken by CCG contractors, who were responsible for the Appleton Tower re-cladding project and is scheduled for completion in August of this year.

The current project includes:

Level 3

Enlarged and re-fitted Robotics lab and refurbished student social and independent study spaces.

Level 4

Refurbished student social and independent study spaces.

Level 5

No works under current project but plans for refurbishment and re-configuration in summer 2018.

Level 6

Relocated Informatics Teaching Organisation and Graduate School staff offices with student service point. New 85 seat computer lab.

Level 7

Self-contained computing support staff offices. New teaching/tutorial/practical lab spaces. New flexible tutorial/meeting room.

Level 8

Business incubators.

Level 9 (new)

New student independent study suite.

For staff

Information relevant to staff.

For students

Information relevant to students.

Handover and facilities details

More information about when the refurbished levels will be ready for use and what the available facilities will be.


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