Board Game Nights

Come to our Board Games Nights and socialise with board games geeks!


The Board Game Nights are for those wishing to play some games once a month, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There is a good variety of board games available, with regular additions to the collection.


This event is free and open to both staff and students, there is no need for participants to register.

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Please feel free to bring you own food and drink, but pizza and drinks will be provided.

FAQ (Fairly Arbitrary Questions)

I don’t play a lot of board games, can I still come?

Yes, our selection of games are accessible to people of all levels of boardgaming experience. As long as you are willing to learn you will be more than fine!

Can I bring a plus one?


I really want to play one of my own games, can I bring it along?

Yes, but we would ask that you are willing to teach it to others.

This overlaps with dinner, can I bring food?

Yes. We provide snacks and pizza but, depending on attendance, this may not be enough for dinner. However, feel free to bring your own or order in.

I’m having loads of fun, can I stay for more than three hours?

Yes. The room is booked for a bit longer. However, we will ask that when you’re done you pack up your game and clear any mess you’ve created.

Contact us

Should you have any quesion, please feel free to contact either Mattias, Zack or Bobby!

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